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What you need to know before using a mobile payment device


Before Glenda Holden took a three-month vacation to Australia, she got taken down under by a driver from Orange Cab.

“I was shocked, first of all.  Just I thought, oh Lord,” Holden said.

The 78-year-old called the cab company to take her from Madrona to Sea-Tac airport. It cost $48.50.

When she returned, Holden checked her credit card bill — and discovered that cab ride had cost 248.50.

“You know, I cannot imagine that there is a pickup point within the Orange Cab radius of activity where they could drive from one place to another and charge $248.50,” Holden said.

Holden’s credit card company denied her dispute because 60 days had passed since the charge. So she called Orange Cab and sent them all of her documentation and she didn’t hear anything back for weeks.

“No”, Holden said, “not a word. They have never called me.  Ever.”

Well I hopped to it and contacted Orange Cab. The company said the delay was caused because it couldn’t find record of Holden’s trip.

They couldn’t find the trip because the driver put the ride on his own personal Square account.
So the money went straight to him and not to the company.

Orange Cab doesn’t have a Square account.

The driver has been suspended by the company.

Mystery solved and refund sent, followed by a phone call from the company.

It’s a picture painted perfectly by Holden, “I just picked up the message and it said, Mrs. Holden we will be sending you a check for 200 dollars.” Click. I said ‘wow.’”

Here’s your bottom line, make sure you get receipts or set yourself up for email or text receipts on Square.

Because even if you can’t get to your bill, you should be able to get to your email or your phone from anywhere in the world.

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