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Tips on cutting high energy bills during the cold winters


It’s cold outside, but you don’t want to get burned by purchasing HVAC equipment you simply do not need.

“With heating and air conditioning companies, especially when it comes to air condition units, heat pumps, those types of devices, be very skeptical about the energy savings you’ll realize in this area,” explained Keven Brasler.

Kevin Brasler with Puget Sound Consumer Checkbook said when it comes time to upgrade your system there’s no need to break the bank.

“Because electricity costs around here are so low, it doesn’t make sense at all to pay a ton of money for a super-efficient model.  You know, something they would sell in Arizona or Florida or something like that,” said Brasler.

The other thing to watch out for are scams.

Two years ago, I nabbed so called technicians advertising to clean air ducts and improve furnaces’ efficiency for $50.  Once they performed the questionable work they would tack on unnecessary add-on that would cost customers hundreds more than the advertised deal.

Don Page from Greenwood Heating warns if the deal sounds too good to be true, a person might want to think twice.

“If you are looking at the math between it, are they making two bucks an hour? Or are they getting their money from something else. It makes me think if it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” said Page.

Instead of getting a duct cleaning and a bad one, at that-Brasler says there are cheaper more immediate things you can do to cut your energy bills.

3 Tips to help cut your energy bill

Insulate your attic

Seal your windows and doors from leaks

Lower your thermostat and upgrade it to one you can program.

“These types of things are really things you can do for very little money that will have a drastic impact on your energy bill, even more than furnace will have,” explained Brasler.

To learn more about choosing a heating and air conditioning company and for ratings on businesses in your area, click here.

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