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This cell phone feature could save your life


By Mike Timmermann,

Following the tragedy in Orlando, a woman shared a reminder about updating emergency contact information in cell phones – and it has gone viral.

How this smartphone feature can help during an emergency

In her Facebook post, Candi Norton stressed the importance of making sure that first responders obtain this information without having to break into your phone.

Her post walks you through the iPhone’s Medical ID feature, which can let emergency crews get your medical information — even if your phone is locked. In addition to emergency contacts, you can add details about medicine, allergies and your blood type.

Norton’s Facebook post has been shared nearly 80,000 times since June 12, the day a gunman killed 49 people and injured 53 others at a gay club in Orlando.

iPhone users

If you have an iPhone, simply enable the Medical ID feature using the health app. You want to make sure that “Show When Locked” is turned on, so emergency crews can access the feature without your passcode.

Android users

Android users, your phone may or may not have a similar feature. If your phone doesn’t, you can download an ICE (In Case of Emergency) app, but check to see if the app can be accessed from the lock screen.

All smartphone users

Finally, there’s another way to get the job done – and it works for all smartphones. Just type your information into any note-taking app, take a screenshot and set it as your lock screen wallpaper.

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