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The best performing wireless network in America is…


By Mike Timmermann,

Verizon is the best performing wireless network, according to extensive nationwide testing by RootMetrics.

Wireless networks put to the test

Professional testers drove more than 265,000 miles to test performance in all 50 states, from big cities to small towns. They ranked the four major wireless carriers on their reliability, speed, data, call and text performance.

Here’s a snapshot of the overall results from the first half of 2016:

The best wireless network in America is…

A closer look at the rankings

RootMetrics described Verizon’s performance at the national level as “outstanding.” The carrier earned top honors for the sixth consecutive time with an overall score of 93.9.

AT&T finished a strong second in all categories except call, placing third behind Sprint.

Speaking of Sprint, the carrier remained in third place in the categories of overall performance, network reliability and text performance.

T-Mobile, which RootMetrics said performs best in metro areas, came in fourth overall.

State rankings

Aside from national performance, the testers took a look at how the four carriers performed on a state-by-state basis. Verizon dominated its competitors in this breakdown, winning 41 states outright.

The best wireless network in America is…

Metro areas

Finally, RootMetrics looked at 125 major metro areas. Verizon’s award tally of 98 was nearly twice that of AT&T, its next-closest competitor. T-Mobile did show some improvement.

The best wireless network in America is…

What does this all mean? Bragging rights for Verizon. The carrier has used RootMetrics’ data in its advertisements before, so it’s very possible they’ll do that again.

BUT… Faster doesn’t necessarily mean better

Especially when it comes to the cost!

This report comes after Verizon increased prices in July on data plans in exchange for offering more data. And when compared to plans offered by other wireless carriers, Verizon is typically more expensive.

AT&T has rolled out new data plans as well, which eliminate overage fees.

Meanwhile, Sprint and T-Mobile have announced new unlimited data plans, which could further shake up this already competitive industry.

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