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Texas boy collects food for hungry children through kid-friendly non-profit


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ROCKWALL, Texas – When a little boy visited a food bank, he didn’t like what he saw.

“It was not like kid-friendly,” 7-year-old Kaden Newton told WFAA. “They didn’t have like Chef Boyardee or pancake mix.”

So the boy from Rockwall, Texas, started his own nonprofit called Mac & Cheese and Pancakes.

“Those are my two favorite foods,” said Kaden.

His parents helped organize everything and advertised his cause on social media, making an Amazon wishlist. Soon, it went viral.

“And my mom’s goal was 100,” Kaden said. “And my goal was like 5,000!”

The Newtons collected 7,000 food items at their house. This week, a Helping Hands, a food bank, came to collect all the kid-friendly foods.

“It made my heart feel happy,” he said. “It will always makes me feel happy.”

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