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Teen helps woman ride mall escalator


FORT WAYNE, Ind. – The image of a stranger helping an elderly woman use an escalator is going viral.

Leah Kerr went to the mall with her two daughters and their grandmother Aug. 26. Kerr’s hands were full and she stepped onto the escalator not realizing they were missing someone – Grandma – who was too scared to take a step onto it.

 “I watched her try again and again to get her footing right,” Kerr wrote on Facebook. “People walked around her, pushed by her or asked her to step to the side- until this amazing man saw her.”
Alujwyon Williams, 19, held her hand as they rode the escalator and helped her off at the end.

“I didn’t think me being myself would get so much recognition,” Williams said. “Thank you all for that and it really was my pleasure I’m happy to be apart of a touching story.”

[This story was written by Cox Media Group National Content Desk]

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