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Teen accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools


DENVILLE, New Jersey – It’s good to be Ifeoma White-Thorpe.

The Denville, New Jersey high school senior has been accepted into all eight Ivy League schools.

“Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton and Stanford,” White-Thorpe told WABC-TV.

She told WABC-TV that now she’s been accepted into her dream colleges, the hard part is going to be deciding which one to attend when she graduates in June.


“I got into Harvard early action so I figured I’ll just go there, so then I got into all the others and I was like, wait now I don’t know where I want to go,” White-Thorpe told WABC-TV.

White-Thorpe is an ace at her AP classes and is the student government president at Morris Hills High School.

“I think my love for poetry and writing just really stood out,” she told WABC-TV.

She told WABC-TV that she wants to study biology and go into the global health business.

Information from WABC-TV was used in this report.


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