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Study: Heavy metals found in some Halloween makeup


By Debbie Lord

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

A recent study is giving parents a warning about Halloween face paint after an analysis of the ingredients in some makeup palettes show concentrations of heavy metals.

Lead was discovered in about one-quarter of the 48 palettes of makeup marketed as Halloween face paint. The study was conducted by the Breast Cancer Fund.

“When it comes to Halloween makeup and novelty makeup for children, the tests are showing there are heavy metals showing up,” said Jen Coleman of the Oregon Environmental Council, an environmental watchdog group that referenced the study.

“Even a small amount of lead exposure, the kind of lead you might get from a little bit of makeup going in the mouth, is going to potentially have effects,” Coleman said.

The study appeared to show that the darker the pigment, the higher the level of lead.

A story in USA Today noted that Halloween makeup does not have to be tested before it is sold in stores.

In addition to finding heavy metals, the Breast Cancer Fund study included a list of other potentially hazardous chemicals in the makeup.

“Our label-reading and laboratory tests unmasked a frightening fact: More than 50 percent of face paints and cosmetics marketed to kids contain at least one ingredient or contaminant linked to hormone disruption, developmental toxicity, learning difficulties or cancer,” the Breast Cancer Fund said in a statement.

The group urged parents to read the labels on the products and to look for alternative makeup sources.

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