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Stranger pays for disabled woman’s groceries


By Joy Johnston, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

BETTENDORF, Iowa — A woman who recently moved to an Iowa town experienced the generosity of locals firsthand.

Jill Zimmerman, 35, told The Des Moines Register that she moved to Bettendorf at the beginning of April. She was grocery shopping at Hy-Vee on April 18 when she realized at the checkout stand that she had forgotten her electronic benefit transfer, or EBT card. Zimmerman didn’t have any other way to pay for her groceries.

The store manager offered to hold her groceries for her while she returned home to retrieve her EBT card but Zimmerman said she probably wouldn’t be able to make it back, as she is disabled and has mobility issues. She took the bus to the store.

That’s when Marsha White, 59, stepped in to assist. She was behind Zimmerman in line and asked if she could pay for Zimmerman’s groceries. At first Zimmerman resisted, but once she realized that White was genuine and sincere in her compassionate offer, she accepted. Zimmerman hugged White and thanked her for buying the groceries.

White told The Des Moines Register that she had two friends who were dealing with health issues who received good news recently, so she wanted to pay it forward by helping out Zimmerman.

Reports of the random act of kindness have gone viral on social media, inspiring others to share their stories.

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