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Solar shingles coming from Tesla


Theo Thimou

Tesla founder Elon Musk is known for dreaming big—and his vision extends far beyond the all-electric car company he founded.

This is the guy who launched the first-ever private spacecraft to dock at the International Space Station and who also envisions a high-speed pneumatic tube for travel that whips you between San Francisco and Los Angeles at a speed of 800 miles per hour!

With a pedigree like that, it’s clear Musk is no stranger to disrupting industries. From co-founding PayPal to creating space exploration company Space X to launching the most successful all-electric car company ever, Musk is a bold thinker.

But now he has his sights set on your roof!

 Solar shingles are coming

In the midst of his bid to acquire Solar City, the Tesla founder unveiled new solar roofing shingles recently that conceal solar cells within in order to power your home.

Ever the aesthete, Musk’s joint vision of solar roofing with Solar City will likely be available next year in four eye-catching styles: Tuscan glass tile, smooth glass tile, textured glass tile and slate glass tile.

Each puts sleek and fashionable design in full display on your home’s roof all while promising to revolutionize the green housing construction industry.

The solar shingles are actually part of a holistic approach to personal energy consumption. In Musk’s vision, your roof would catch the sun’s rays and power your home plus store extra energy in the Tesla Powerwall home battery. That home battery would then charge your Tesla vehicle at night.

solar city tesla roof shingles elon muskWhile Musk’s idea is interesting and aesthetically pleasing, it’s not exactly totally new.

Dow had a product called PowerHouse Shingles as recently as earlier this year. Their solar shingles were small and looked just like the traditional asphalt ones you’re used to. After being hooked into your power system by electricians, they could then supplement your energy so you could slowly inch off the grid.

But Dow’s PowerHouse Shingles were only released in a handful of markets, including California, Colorado, and Texas. Unfortunately, Dow pulled the plug on them and stopped manufacturing the shingles at the end of June.

Here’s hoping Tesla and Solar City have better luck with their solar roofing venture!

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