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Snohomish Co. PUD customers targeted in utility scam


The utility scam has been around for a while. But this time it appears the bad guys are perfecting their dirty work.

Ravi Johal thought he’d paid this month’s Snohomish County PUD bill for his Everett gas station.  So he didn’t understand why get got a call saying his bill wasn’t current and PUD crews were on their way to his business.

“They were coming out to cut off the meters,” recalled Johal.

Johal was getting scammed. It appears bad guys have been watching the rising PUD bill issue and have targeted Snohomish County businesses.

“They basically had asked for double what my two month premium was,” said Johal.

The scammer refused to take cash at the PUD office or a credit card over the phone.  Instead, he wanted Johal to go to Safeway and buy reload cards.  That’s when he took a second look at that phone number.

“I did that reverse lookup on Google search, got no hits for Snohomish PUD, called Snohomish PUD and they told me this was a scam,” explained Johal.

Here are a few other tips about the call. The scammers sounded very professional.  They have a hold message that sounds legitimate and they’re patient.

The real Snohomish County PUD will always take a payment at their Everett headquarters and will stop by your home before cutting off your power.

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