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Should golf rules change to make game easier, faster?


By Natalie Dreier

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

tThe rules on the golf course could be changing and it could be the biggest adjustment since the first rules were published in 1744.

The U.S. Golf Association and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club are looking to change the rule book, slashing the number of rules from 34 to 24, USA Today reported.

Once decided, there will be six months for players to comment with the plan to implement the rules in January 2019.


The changes can’t come soon enough for some.

“The game is going to die because it’s too slow, two difficult and there’s too many rules,” Kevin Kisner told USA Today. “Our generation wants instant everything. You can pull out a phone and Google anything, but you have you pull out a rule book that’s got 700 pages to figure out what rule infraction you broke.”

The changes include:

Flags can stay in the hole during a putt

Caddies can’t line up a player.

Balls can be removed from bunkers with a two-stroke penalty

No penalty if a ball accidentally moves on a green

Some of the changes are being embraced, while others are not being accepted by all players.


To read more on the rule changes, click here.

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