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Seattle couple seeks help after finding erotic content connected to book on Amazon


When you search Amazon for a children’s book, what do you expect to see?

After five years, Krissy and Kurt Hindman’s dream finally came true when they released their self-published book, “Shifting Sight”.

The book is geared toward 9 to 12 year olds, but when searching for “Shifting Sight” on Amazon the results aren’t kid friendly.

The Hindman’s also searched Yahoo, MSN and a number of other sites to make sure their tittle didn’t bring up anything inappropriate.

When Amazon asked them to classify their book, the Hindman’s didn’t mark the adult content box and assumed Amazon had filters in place.

The Hindman’s later learned there is an erotic romance series called “Shifting Desires”. Since their book also has the word ‘shifting’ in its title, their book is connected to other erotic romance novels.

“We were hoping that once we started doing a marketing push that people would be able to find our book, but we can’t, we’re just stuck,” said Mrs. Hindman.

Instead of focusing on marketing their newly self-published children’s book, they were stuck calling Amazon for months.

Kindle says they are aware of the browsing issue, but there is nothing they can do. The Hindman’s have decided to change their book title and hope Amazon changes its policy.

“It’s up to all of us to protect kids, it’s not just parents. We need to make sure they’re not exposed to things that they are not ready to see,” said Mrs. Hindman.


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