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Sea-Tac airport parking rates on the rise; Jesse shows the deals


With summer on the way, vacationers will hit the skies.  But their cars will stay behind.

If those travelers parked at Sea-Tac Airport, they’ll pay a higher fee that now sits at $30 a day.

Brian DeRoy with Sea-Tac Airport says there were a number of factors that led to the rate increase.

“One of which was the parking tax increase by the city of Seatac, so we had to adjust our rates,” DeRoy said.

It’s a two dollar a day increase, placing it among the highest daily rates in the country.

“We feel that the rate is commensurate with rates in and around our area,” DeRoy said.

The airport is using the funds from the tax hike to make capital improvements.

“We’ve dramatically increased the lighting in our parking garage. We’re upgrading some of the emergency call boxes, some of the line painting here, as well as even the ticket machines,” DeRoy said.

So how do you get a deal?

Groupon has some nice offers, including two days of parking for $11 at Extra Car Airport Parking and three days for $39.99 at MasterPark.

But make sure you pay attention to the small print.

WallyPark’s deal is $10.99 a day, but it adds an extra $5.30 airport access fee per stay. Plus 10% state sales tax and an additional $0.99 a day for a surcharge.

If you sign up for coupons on Sea-Tac Airport’s website, you can get great deals for parking facilities at the airport.

The most recent coupon gets you onsite parking for just $19 a day.

“Our rates are all inclusive, so the rate you see is the rate you pay,” DeRoy said.

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