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SCAM ALERT: FBI says they will never call you, demand money


The Federal Bureau of Investigation received several reports from consumers stating that scammers are calling victims in Western Missouri claiming they owe some form of debt, according to the FBI St. Louis Division.

Scammers are using the FBI’s telephone number to impersonate agents when calling victims.

The FBI reports that when the victim answers the phone, the fraudster tells the victim it’s being investigated by the FBI for a tax violation.

This isn’t the first time crooks are posing as FBI agents. According to the FBI St. Louis Division, last October, FBI phone numbers were used to target college students, claiming the victim was delinquent on student loans, taxes or parking tickets.

“These are old scams that keep evolving with a new twist,” said William Woods, special agent in charge of the FBI St. Louis Division. “Just remember, the FBI does not call or email private citizens to demand money or threaten arrest.”

The FBI says anyone contacted by a caller who claims to be with the FBI should verify the information with the bureau.

If you are a victim of a phone scam or an online scam, you can file an online complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at

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