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SCAM ALERT: Blackmail letters on cheating spouses a fraud


By Shelby Lin Erdman

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Authorities in Richmond, Virginia are warning about blackmail letters threatening to reveal cheating spouses.

The letters state that for $2,000 the recipient can avoid the embarrassment of family and friends finding out about their infidelities. The writer then gives instructions on how to pay the blackmail fee.

Police in Henrico and Goochland counties have posted warnings about the scam on Facebook after at least three dozen people received the letters.

“We are aware that many of our residents are receiving a letter addressed to them that claims to know about their infidelity,” the Henrico County Police posted on its Facebook page.

“THIS IS A SCAM!!! We are with our federal partners to determine the source of the letters.”

“The letter admits to knowingly blackmailing you while the subsequent pages are a ‘how to’ for paying the scammer. Please DO NOT given them any money,” police warned.

The investigation into the letters and who sent them is underway.

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