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SCAM ALERT: $50 Lowe’s Mother’s Day coupon scam on Facebook


Don’t fall for this, folks! A Facebook scam is making its rounds on the internet targeting Lowe’s Home Improvements.

A Facebook post circulating the web claims that Lowe’s is offering $50 off coupons for Mother’s Day. When clicking on the Facebook post, a user-friendly survey will appear on a website that resembles Lowe’s website. However, this fraudulent page is a scam and looking to steal your information. Those who participate have no chance of getting a gift card.


The survey linked to the scam post looks like this:

Customers are also looking to Lowe’s and asking whether or not the coupon is valid.

Lowe’s said the offer is a phishing scam to gather personal information and they aren’t affiliated with the fraudsters in anyway.

Please be careful when responding to any pop-up ad either online or via social media; as, more often than not, the offer of gift cards or other prizes to customer’s in the guise of a specific company are set up to get your personal information for nefarious purposes.

The scam also requires victims to pass it to their friends, officials say.

Here are some tips to help you avoid online coupon scams, according to the Better Business Bureau:

Check out who is offering the coupon

Verify whether the coupon is legit by visiting the company’s website

Be cautious of pop-up offers

Read the fine print

Watch out for a reward that’s too good to be true. Pay attention to having to enter personal information to win a gift card

Check to see if the coupon is honored by the store

Be wary of required phone calls

Don’t fall for phony coupons via e-mail


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