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Samsung posts ‘truly sorry’ apology letter to customers


It’s been a rough fall for Samsung, as customers have juggled exploding phones and washing machines.  Now the company is getting in front of the negative publicity about its Galaxy Note 7 phones and issuing an apology.

In a letter posted on its website, Samsung says,

“Samsung is fully committed to identifying and addressing the source of the Note7’s battery issue. We have already initiated investigations with independent third party experts to carefully revisit every aspect of the device, including the battery, hardware and software, and manufacturing processes. Once available, we will transparently share our findings.

Samsung has a long heritage of innovation and we have shown that we can and will learn from our mistakes. While we are always looking to innovate and create the next generation of great consumer technology, safety will remain our top priority. We will invest to better serve your needs through enhanced customer care and quality assurance.

On behalf of all our employees across Europe, we are truly sorry, and grateful for your ongoing support. We will listen to you, learn from this and act in a way that allows us to win back your trust.”

Samsung has yet to determine the cause of explosions with its products.

Click here for more information about the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 and click here for the recall of Samsung washing machines.


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