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Rumors swirl that new iPhone is being released in September


By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Consumers could be getting the new iPhone in a matter of months, if one Twitter user is to be believed.

CNET reported that Evan Blass, who the site said is a “known and generally reliable leaker,” tweeted Saturday that Apple will release the latest iPhone Sept. 16.

Fortune reported that although Blass did not cite any sources, information he has shared has been right more often than it has been wrong, so it’s possible that the date is true.

Whether this new iPhone — if in fact it is released this year — is the iPhone 7 or another incarnation of the iPhone 6 remains to be seen.

Apple rumor websites like 9 to 5 Mac and AppleInsider claim that the new iPhone may be called the iPhone 6SE, but as of now, that is simply speculation.

Time reported that the new iPhone may also have a single jack for both the lightning connector charger and headphones, meaning no headphone jack. The solution, according to CNBC which sites a note Deutsche Bank sent to clients July 21, is that the new iPhone may come with an adapter for traditional earbuds, but that also remains to be seen.

Speculation aside, Apple and iPhone fans will have to wait and see what is to come.



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