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Reports: Verizon to increase plan prices, but add more data


By: Debbie Lord, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Verizon is expected to announce a price hike of between $5 and $10 on its plans on Wednesday, but will reportedly be giving customers more data usage in return.

The company is scheduled to hold a press conference to explain the changes in the “S” plan, the “M” plan, the “L” plan, the “XL” plan and the “XXL” plan.

According to CNET, a source with knowledge of the changes says customers can expect:

  • The “S” plan to go up by $5 to $35 a month, but will include 2 gigabytes of data;
  • The “M” plan will be $50 a month, and those customers will get one more gig of data, bringing the total to 4GB;
  • The “L” plan will go up by $10 to $70 a month, while data increases from 6GB to 8GB;
  • The “XL” plan will go up by $10 to $90 a month, with an additional 4GB of data, bringing the total to 16GB;
  • The “XXL” plan will give you an additional 6GB of data, bumping up the amount to 24GB; it will cost $10 more at $110 a month.

The company is also expected to announce a “Carryover Data” feature which will allow customers to save unused data to be carried over to the next month. The Consumerist is reporting that this feature will be available for free to users on all new plans.

Verizon will host a press conference at 1 pm ET  on Wednesday to “unveil a transformational wireless experience.”



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