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Remember Lisa Frank? Now she’s making clothes, adult coloring books


Lisa Frank, Inc. — better known simply as Lisa Frank — became a leader in stickers, stationery and school products for children and preteens years ago.

Lisa Frank’s products, which reigned in the ’90s, combine bright colors in fun and creative images and psychadelic patterns.

Bookbags, pencils and folders with technicolored unicorns and dancing and prancing cats, cheetahs and dolphins flooded the aisles of stores like CVS, Walmart and Office Depot.

And now, consumers can indulge in their nostalgia and enjoy a whole new line of products — Lisa Frank clothes.

Crop tops, leggings, sweaters and dresses are available at  Rage On! and juniors’ items can be purchased at Macy’s.

The company, which was founded in 1979, says its designs aim to “factor fun with an artist’s passion.”

Clothing items sell between $25 and $60.

In addition to the wearable fashions, Lisa Frank has released four different adult coloring books, which can be purchased at Dollar General for $3.

[This story was written by Cox Media Group National Content Desk]

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