Recalled salad dressing explodes, causes $2,500 in damage


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A Wyoming woman making a salad at a friend’s house wasn’t prepared for what happened when she reached for the bottle of salad dressing.

Salad dressing causes $2,500 in damages

Divel McLean said the bottle of Dorothy Lynch salad dressing exploded, leaving her covered head to toe in the liquid, according to KTWO. She said the bottle appeared to be “possessed” and made a noise like “firecrackers going off.” The salad dressing also caused damage to the carpet, the walls, a computer and her dress. In total, McLean estimated the damages to be $2,500.

Dorothy Lynch salad dressing was recalled in May 2016. While the Food and Drug Administration said the salad dressing posed no health risk, a bacteria commonly found in probiotics was found in the product that could create gas bubbles, causing the dressing to foam over or spew out when opened.

McLean was unaware the product had been recalled. She told KTWO that she will never eat that brand of dressing again.


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