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Proposed Florida bill could ban these food stamps purchases


Sarah Elsesser – Palm Beach Post Staff Write

A state representative near Tampa is looking to change the way people use their food stamps.

Ralph Massullo, of Lecanto, proposed a bill that would prohibit government assistance to purchase sugary soda and candy, according to WTLV.

“If we have a program paid for by the taxpayers that makes people unhealthy, that increases the healthcare costs of medical care going forward,” Massullo told WTLV.

Massullo drew up the bill after seeing a projection that suggests 60 percent of Floridians will be obese by 2030, the Miami Herald reports.

Other states have tried to pass similar legislature, but draw strong opposition from the food and beverage industry, the Herald said.

If passed, the bill would become effective on July 1st.

Read more at WTLV.


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