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Jesse investigates exploding sunroofs


Auto recalls are meant to protect consumers, but what if your car passes the recall test only to have the issue pop up later? It happened to a Federal Way man. He appealed to the dealer and automaker, but help only came after I got involved.

Imagine driving down Interstate 5 and having your sunroof explode. That’s exactly what happened to Tyler Moody.

“I literally thought there was a gunshot,” recalled Moody.  “Glass just shattered. The front right here kind of fell down and hit me in the head.”

Mood is one of many people who’ve had the sunroof of their Hyundai Veloster shatter spontaneously.  When Tyler bought the car, he took it into Korum Hyundai to have the sunroof inspected under a recall notice. The dealership said it passed.

I found video online that shows how the Hyundai dealerships’ test for faulty sunroof. Mechanics drop heavy metal balls three times on the glass. If it doesn’t break, Hyundai says your roof is good.

But Tyler’s roof shattered after the test. Veloster owners have complained to the federal government about breaks post-testing. He called the dealer and was told everything would be OK.

“They would take care of it and that they would get me a rental car right away,” said Moody.

But a few days later, Korum decided not to pay for a new sunroof because it had passed the recall test.

Tyler called Hyundai headquarters, and they said it’s up to the dealership.

“I’m kind of having a runaround by both kind of parties,” exclaimed Moody.

That’s when Tyler got in touch with me. I contacted Korum, who said talk to Hyundai corporate.

Eventually, the automaker decided to pay for the sunroof, but not because of issues with the glass. Instead it was a show of good will.

“I don’t even know what i would have done.  I’m so incredibly grateful,” said Moody. “I’m not ecstatic about it, because I feel like it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

But at least someone had his back when the glass came tumbling down.

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