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Police: Victim uses Facebook to help catch home invasion suspect


by: Joy Johnston, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

ALBUQUERQUE – The teenage daughter of a family held at gunpoint in their New Mexico home used social media to help nab one of the three intruders, police said.

The masked men forced a man into his home in January and held the family, including two children, at gunpoint while threatening them, according to a KOB report.

The men said they were members of the Guadalajara Cartel. The men eventually left with the family’s valuables, estimated at $1,700, but not before one of the men took off his mask and told the family his name: Luis Garcia.
After the ordeal, the teenage daughter took to Facebook, where she was able to identify the suspect as Luis Daniel Garcia-Zarate, and provided the information to authorities. Police are still looking for the other two men.

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