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Participants of Ultimate Wine Run demand refunds


The Ultimate Wine Run is supposed to be a cool event to drink and exercise. But for Andrea Peters, the event has turned into a stumbling mess.

“At this point I think we are just frustrated,” Andrea said.

The folks behind the Ultimate Wine Run changed their date from June 10th at the Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake to July 1st at Magnusson Park in Seattle.

That’s a problem because it’s now set for a time when people have weekend plans for the fourth of July.

“July 4th as everyone knows is a big weekend away for most of us. It’s a three day weekend and a lot of us get out of town”, Andrea said.

It’s listed that there are no refunds for the tickets that cost up to 80 bucks, but there’s more to that story.

The dirt on the Ultimate Wine Run is that they are known nationwide for moving dates and even cancelling events.

We found customer complaints about cancellations and changes from coast to coast. From Erie, Pennsylvania, to Santa Barbara, California, customers complained about the issues with the run.

In Kansas City, the Better Business Bureau filed a consumer alert about the event.

It also failed to provide participants like Suzee Mellott refunds.

“I don’t care if it was five dollars or five thousand dollars. I want my refund.”

The event says it donates money to the ‘Achieving My Dreams Foundation’ out of California.

The groups’ last tax filing listed in the Non-Profit Clearinghouse Guidestar was in 2014.

Then, it handed out just five scholarships totaling 3 thousand dollars.

And that’s especially troubling for Andrea Peters.

“When you throw a charity into things, you justify that it’s worth the cost, so you’ll go the extra mile, so to speak no pun intended, to do that and so to use that, you know, to use that is sad as well.”

We asked the owner of the Ultimate Wine Run, Aaron Scott, for comment and he referred us to the website’s FAQ page.

All Andrea and her friends want is an end to the sour excuses.

“I think there’s a lot of people who would like a refund.”

In his most recent application filed with Seattle City Parks, Aaron Scott has listed a new foundation. It’s called World Wide Push Foundation.

And guess who’s running it? You got it, Aaron Scott.


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