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Oreo debuts breakfast-inspired cookie


by: Sarah Elsesser, Palm Beach Post

Oreo released a new flavor that makes it OK to eat cookies for breakfast.

This week, Waffles & Syrup Oreos have been spotted on the shelves, according to “Today.”

The breakfast-flavored treat consists of two Golden Oreos with syrup on the cream, according to “Today.”

Those looking to get their hands on this cookie will have to go to an Alberstons store, “Today” reported.

If you aren’t a fan of syrup or waffles, the company also has another new flavor called “Firework Oreos” that has candies similar to Pop Rocks in the creme.

If these two varieties — and all the others the company has released — still aren’t fulfilling your flavor dreams, you can now submit an idea on Twitter to Nabisco.

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