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Nokia could release classic 3310 handset


By Natalie Dreier

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Forget the next iPhone or Android, Nokia could be developing something even more advanced than the latest gadgets.

The classic Nokia 3310 non-smartphone could be making a comeback.

The durable phone, that didn’t include a camera, advanced web browser or Snapchat may be hitting the market again.

The phone that dates back to the dark ages of technology, the year 2000, is considered one of the most durable cellphones, Independent reported.

It is scheduled to be debuted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a tech gathering scheduled for Feb. 27 to March 2.

The Nokia 3310 is expected to retail for about $62, Independent reported.

The company, which is now owned by Microsoft, will also be releasing more current phones like the Nokia 3, 5 and 6, which expected to be smartphones but at a lower price than other popular brands.

One man may be on the cutting edge of retro electronics. He claims he is still using his original Nokia from 17 years ago.

Dave Mitchell said he bought his phone in 2000. It has traveled the world with him, including military tours of Afghanistan, Iraq and Germany, the Mirror reported. He told the paper that he has dropped, thrown, stood on and even washed his phone and it still works, giving him four signal bars.

Mitchell said he gets teased for not adapting to current technology. But he says he tries not to be too cocky when someone’s smartphone has a cracked screen.

The only complaint Mitchell has concerning his phone isn’t the device at all, but rather his bill. He says he has to pay for data that he can’t use, the Mirror reported.

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