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Newborn’s photo pays tribute to motorcycle-loving father



A touching photo of a newborn who will never get to meet her father is making waves across the internet.

Kathryn Seable Williams became a single mother to her 3-week-old daughter, Aubrey, when her fiance, Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez, was shot and killed a month before Aubrey was born on May 26.

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According to the Sun Sentinel, Alvarez, 25, was shot by Roosevelt Jeon Francois, 30, after an altercation at a motorcycle club hangout.

“His passion was motorcycles,” Williams said. “He traded his two bikes to get a Harley because he wanted to get a mommy-and-daddy bike. He didn’t think we should be driving fast anymore because we had a baby on the way. When he did that at 25, everyone was shocked.”

Williams told “Inside Edition” she and her fiance planned to take photos with their daughter once she was born.

When he died, Williams decided to have Aubrey photographed with items her late father used for bike-riding.

She sought her friend and neighbor, Kim Stone, to photograph her daughter.

The result was a photo of Aubrey nestled into Alvarez’s sports bike gloves with his helmet placed behind her.

The photo, posted on Stone’s photography Facebook page Friday, has been shared over 77,000 times.

“It was just so special. As soon as I put the glove on top of her, the baby started smiling,” Stone told “Inside Edition.” “I didn’t have time to set up lights or anything, I just started taking photos.”

“It’s a reminder that he’s not here physically, but he will always be with us,” Williams said. “He’s always going to show her that he loves her.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help support the family. It has raised over $1,000 of its $5,000 goal.

[This story was written by the Cox Group National Content Desk]

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