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New scam targeting BECU customers


I’m hearing from people who have been hit by the latest scam targeting BECU customers.  According to the credit union, it holds about 20% of the customer base here in Seattle so scammers have a one in five chance of finding a BECU customer.

It starts with a phone call that appears to be from BECU.  The automated message claims there is a problem with your BECU card or it has been blocked.  The recording prompts you to enter your card information in order to unlock it.

BECU has confirmed the calls are not from them.  If there is a problem with your card, you’ll not be able to use it.   So, if you get one of these calls – hang up the phone.

BECU told me the fraudsters are also using text messages in this scam.  The text makes the same claim about issues with your card but you’re asked to call a number or click a link and give up your credit card number.  Again – if you get a text like this, do not respond.  Simply delete it.

If you believe you may have fallen victim to this scam, contact BECU immediately.  The credit union will deactivate your card, send you a new one and begin monitoring your account for fraud.

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