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Nearly half of couples who watch Netflix ‘cheat’ on each other


By Fiza Pirani

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Have you been caught watching “Stranger Things” or “The Walking Dead” episodes ahead of your significant other? You’re not alone.

new Neflix study found that 46 percent of couples who use the streaming service have “cheated” on their significant other by doing just that.

To come up with the results, data was collected through 30,267 responses to a SurveyMonkey survey. Analysts further balanced the sample by age and gender to represent an adult online population who watch streaming shows as a couple in more than 20 countries.

Analysts found that the number of “cheaters” has tripled since 2013. And according to the study, 60 percent of consumers said they would cheat even more if they could get away with it.

And the “once a cheater, always a cheater” rule applies, too. According to the study, 81 percent of cheaters are repeat offenders. Forty-four percent have cheating more than three times.

Though it happens all over the world, Brazil and Mexico are the most guilty. Streaming couples in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland are the most loyal.

And the top temptations, according to the study, included “The Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad,” “American Horror Story,” “House of Cards,” “Orange Is The New Black,” “Narcos” and “Stranger Things.”

The Netflix infographic below illustrates the most common cheating motivations and behaviors:

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