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Mother sues after she says airline loses urn with daughter’s ashes


By Sarah Elsesser, Palm Beach Post

American Airlines is in the hot seat, and the company has to answer a claim it lost a woman’s bag with her daughter’s ashes inside.

Iddy Pierre-Canel said an American Airlines employee “insisted twice” that Pierre-Canel check her bag, and then allegedly checked it without her knowledge, according to KPNX.

“When the plane took off, that’s when I realized I didn’t have my bag” Pierre-Canel told KPNX. “They said, ‘Oh, they checked your bag in.’”

Upon arrival the bag couldn’t be found. This incident happened in March 2016, KPNX reported.

“Had we known there were cremated ashes in the bag, we would have had her remove them or found a place for the bag,” American Airlines said in a statement according to KPNX. “We apologized for losing the items and certainly are very sorry for her terrible loss.”

The bag was found and returned 19 days later, but the urn was not recovered, Pierre-Canal says. Now, a little over year after the incident, Pierre-Canel has filed a $10 million lawsuit, KPNX reported.

This lawsuit comes amid bad PR for another airline. United Airlines is trying to bounce back from bad PR after an incident where a passenger was forcibly dragged from a plane and backlash over a “no leggings” policy.

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