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More ‘pickleball’ courts coming to region where it started


SEATTLE (AP) — There’s good news for devotees of “pickleball”: More courts are coming to Seattle, in the region where the curious game began.

Seattle’s Parks and Recreation Department says that by popular demand, it will line tennis courts at as many as seven parks around the city for pickleball, which combines elements of tennis, badminton and pingpong. The tennis courts will remain lined for tennis as well.

The city already has pickleball courts at three parks.

According to the USA Pickleball Association , the game’s invention is credited to three dads on Bainbridge Island, including then-U.S. Rep. Joel Pritchard, in 1965. They made it up when their kids were bored with other summertime activities, and there are now thousands of places to play, including in Canada, India and the United Kingdom.

There are no pickles involved in pickleball. The game was named after Pritchard’s dog, Pickles.

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