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M&M’s want to add romance to your Valentine’s Day with white cheesecake flavor


By Natalie Dreier

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Gone are the days of the standard chocolate M&M’s and the cutting edge peanut-filled version.

The candy brand has been releasing special flavors over the past few years, and this Valentine’s Day is no exception.

M&Ms, which is owned by Mars, Inc. and celebrated 75 years on the market last year, has introduced its white cheesecake variation in time for the day of romance.

The news of the new, limited edition flavor came out in December and were already starting to appear on Walmart shelves before Christmas, the site The Impulsive Buy posted on its Instagram account.

The white cheesecake flavor, which is a Walmart exclusive, is said to taste like cheesecake, white chocolate and graham cracker under the pink, white and yellow candy shell, Thrilliest reported.

White cheesecake isn’t the only flavor planned for this year’s special M&Ms. The company is also coming out with a caramel flavor this spring and has introduced a coffee-flavored variation.

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