Military working dogs to appear on 2019 stamps

February 6, 2019 by julieberg1

By: Kelcie Willis, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


Military working dogs are getting their own U.S. Postal Service Stamps.

The Forever Stamps, designed by art director Greg Breeding and created by DKNG Studios, will honor the dogs in a new 20-stamp booklet.

According to a news release from USPS, each four-stamp block will have one stamp each of a German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Belgian Malinois and Dutch shepherd.

Also in the 2019 stamp lineup is a Forever Stamp honoring tennis champion Maureen Connolly Brinker, who in 1953 became the first woman to win all four major tennis tournaments in a calendar year. Other stamps honor artist Ellsworth Kelly and mark the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad.

WTSP reported that a booklet of stamps will cost $11, based on the 5-cent increase in the price of stamps.