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Microneedling: Popular new beauty treatment can now be done at home


A popular new beauty treatment, mirconeedling, uses tiny needles to improve skin. Initially, the procedure could only be completed at dermatologist offices or high-end spas, but now it’s available for people to try at home, according to CBS News.

Reports say that despite the concerns from the FDA, several companies have already started selling the at-home microneedling device.

One microneedling device is the GloPro. The GloPro is used to pierce the skin to stimulate the body’s natural regeneration response.

Prices for this particular product range from the $30 no-frills StackedSkincare device to the $200 vibrating GloPro, compared to the $500 in-office treatments, according to CBS News.

But as correspondent Michelle Miller from CBS News reports, doctors say consumers should be aware of a few risks.

Dermatologist says the beauty treatment is used to reduce scars, signs of aging and stretch marks, but caution against the use of the at-home tools.

The FDA has released warning letters to several miconeedling pen manufacturers, not including GloPro.

According to the CBS News report, certain microneedling at-home tools can spread infection, cause scarring and make what a person is trying to treat worse.

The FDA’s concerns surround the safety risk of the use of needles damaging vessels and nerves, according to CBS News.

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