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March 9 marks ‘National Get Over It’ day


By Natalie Dreier

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

There are national “holidays” for everything.

Chocolate, pancakes, popcorn. It seems that people can “celebrate” just about anything.

But today is the day that we should think of marking on the calendar every year.

March 9 marks “National Get Over It Day.”

Yes, there is a day to just let it go and get rid of the little things that tend to grow into bigger problems.

According to, the clearinghouse for all things holiday, the day was created after a bad breakup.

Jeff Goldblatt, as the story goes, needed a day to clear his head, so he took the day off to help move forward.

So how can you celebrate?

Write down the things that get you angry or worried. When the list is done, go over it. See what you can change and see what just has to go. Then in a symbolic move, take the list and rip it up and toss it to literally let it go.

You can also reconnect with people who have dropped out of your life.

And if you’re stressed, hit the spa or go to the gym to relax and get a different perspective on life. suggests also heading to social media and use #NationalGetOverItDay to post your grievances.

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