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Man prays with deputy during traffic stop


HEARD COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia sheriff’s deputy said he felt nervous when two cars pulled in front of a truck he stopped Saturday night.

“I immediately start running situations through my head and praying for the best,” Deputy Brandon Wiggins wrote on Facebook.

Wiggins said that he was nervous and started praying to God that nothing bad would happen.

Many officers nationwide have been on high-alert after recent police shootings.

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Wiggins said he watched with his hand on his gun and his heart pounding as a man and a woman got out of the cars.

After the man told Wiggins the driver he pulled over was his son, Wiggins said he relaxed and explained the reason for the stop.

“He then proceeded telling me about his father being in the hospital and having a stroke,” Wiggins said.

Before leaving, the man grabbed the deputy’s hand and asked to pray for him.

“My heart sank and as he prayed for me and my brothers in blue, my eyes filled with tears,” Wiggins wrote. “I was at a loss for words. This man with all he had going on, stopped to pray for me. As I walked away, I was in total shock.”

[This story was written by Kimberly Richardson, WSB-TV]

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