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Life-saving masks donated to four-legged friends


Firefighters in Atlanta, Georgia have a new tool that can give pets a better chance of survival in a fire.

The Humane Society of Clayton County has donated an animal oxygen kit to each of the county’s 14 fire stations. The kits contain a small, medium and large-sized masks that can be used on cats, dogs or other animals.

“Of course, our focus is always on the well-being of any of the animals, and particularly the ones here in Clayton County,” said Carol Boatright, of the local Humane Society. “So when this idea came up, it seemed like a very natural thing that we would work toward.”

“This would give us the tools we need to better effectively serve our pet population,” fire Chief Landry Merkison said. “Those citizens that don’t have children, their pets are their kids, so it’s just as important to them that we fight to save their lives, as well as the lives of our citizens.”

The Humane Society of Clayton County is a “no-kill” animal rescue facility that relies solely on donations.

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