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Landlord and tenant dispute leads to closing of Midland Eatery


The Midland Eatery is gone for good. The owners are being evicted because of a contentious financial dispute between the restaurant’s owners and the building’s landlord.

This afternoon, members of the community and restaurant regulars gathered and helped the owners move out.

“It’s sad, it’s very sad,” said restaurant regular John Wilson.

Customers, employees and owners had just a couple of hours to pack up the equipment and leave the restaurant behind.

“To see them being treated the way they are right now, is really a big shame,” said Wilson.

Gilham paid thousands for work to a bathroom, windows and electrical repairs. She says Kim should have credited that and an insurance payout for the bathroom repairs to her rent.

“People keep asking us are we going to reopen and what are we going to do and I don’t have an answer,” said Gilham.

Kim says she has a judgment and even though the repairs were done, she believes it doesn’t cover all of the money Gilham owes.

“I gave her six months free rent and after that she never paid the rent,” said Kim.

Gilham says she is owed $1,300 dollars. Kim says she is owed $11,000, so she went ahead with the eviction.

It is a sad end for a place that was serving its community. David Ginder, one of the regulars, went from customer one week, to helping Gilham move out the next.

“When you drive by this place and its empty what’s going to go through your heart? It’s going to break my heart and whoever the landlord moves in, I’m not going to support them,” said Ginder.

Now Gilham must move on, away from her dream, but she’s always ready to serve.

“I gotta be. I gotta put one foot in front of the other, I have a family to take care of,” said Gilham.

Gilham insists that she had paid the rent that was owed. She’s in the process of placing a lien on the property for amount she believes she is owed.



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