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King’s County jury duty scam alert


The King’s County Sheriff’s Office is warning county residents of a jury duty scam that’s been occurring over the last couple years.

The caller will identity themselves as a King County deputy or detective explaining that the person failed to show up for jury duty.

They will then request a credit card number over the phone or ask to purchase a gift card. If you are hesitant of giving any information, they will threaten people with jail for not cooperating to pay.

Fortunately, most citizens in the Seattle area have called the Sheriff’s Office checking to see if these calls were valid and haven’t gave money to the scammers.

It’s important to understand that the Sheriffs Office would never call about a warrant and ask people to pay over the phone. The Sheriff’s Office is requesting that nobody should pay anyone over the phone regarding a warrant for failing to report to jury duty. That is not a call that would come from the Sheriff’s Office.

What do you do if you receive this phone call? Hang-up! Yes, hang-up immediately!


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