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KFC launches chicken-scented sunscreen


Cox Media Group National Content Desk

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Today in quirky product news, KFC is getting in the game.

Like the nail polish the company released in May, this product isn’t food: It’s sunscreen.

“Suntan lotion always smells like lotion,” KFC chief marketing officer Kevin Hochman told Business Insider. “So we thought, ‘Why not make it smell like fried chicken?'”

“Our chicken is hand-breaded and freshly prepared in our kitchens all day every day, which makes the smell in our restaurants unparalleled,” a KFC spokespersontold Fortune. “The Extra Crispy Sunscreen is a fun way to leverage that with our fans.”

The sunscreen is part of a recent campaign by the fast-food restaurant, which includes the “extra crispy” KFC colonel, played by famously tan actor George Hamilton.

And the product is not for sale. Fortune reported that 3,000 bottles were available to order for free on the KFC website and they went fast.

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