Jesse’s tips on how to pick the right moving company


When you move, you pay a total stranger to drive away with everything you own.

After speaking with Kevin Brasler, a representative from who researched moving companies around Puget Sound, he warned to beware of brokers before signing on a dotted line.

Here are three things to keep in mind when picking the right moving company to avoid getting your goods held hostage:

● When choosing a broker to be responsible for your belongings, keep in mind the broker don’t lift a single box.

● They are responsible for collecting a deposit and arranging for another company to handle the move.

● If you use a broker, you have no control over which company is hired.

Shopping for your own mover and doing some research can save you hundreds of dollars.

According to the state law, if it’s a local move, movers can’t charge more than 25 percent above a written estimate. If you’re moving long distance, more than 55 miles, ask upfront about the payment policy.

When your moving company shows up, pay attention. Be there, and if you see anything damaged or broken bring it up right away.

Follow this link to check out a list of the top rated moving companies.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

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