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Jesse takes on Good To Go


A Seattle woman has driven across the 520 bridge hundreds of times, but hasn’t received a toll bill in years.

Jenny Doughterty drives for Amazon Prime and her delivery route takes her over the bridge at least twice week.

“I love to drive, so I’m driving up and down the street and also I get to see people. I love to see people. It’s a good job for me,” explained Doughterty.

And even though Doughterty enjoys her job, she says she has yet to receive a toll bill.

“I’m not getting a single bill and they say I don’t owe anything,” said Doughterty.

She’s even called Good To Go–begging to pay her bill!

“I don’t know who I’m talking to when I call there, ‘I’m like I don’t know who you are,’ I ask them can you make a note that I called and I’ve asked for a supervisor,” Doughterty said.

But she’s now afraid of getting hit with a hefty bill.

“I just always worry. One day I’m going to go to the mailbox open it up and there’s going to be something outrageous in there that I won’t be able to afford. That’s what I worry about,” exclaimed Doughterty.

I spoke with Good To Go spokeswoman Patricia Michaud, who says Jenny made more than a hundred trips over the past couple of years..

“In this particular situation, the information we got from the department of licensing was that the registration was suspended. If we don’t have ownership attached to that plate, we can’t associate the tolls with the owner and we don’t send out a toll bill,” explained Michaud. I called the Department of Licensing that said Jenny’s registration was never suspended.

Good To Go says it now administratively drops toll bills that are more than 6 months old.

But State Representative Mark Harmsworth has introduced House Bill 1405 that will make that practice law.

“That really protects our citizens from the one year later you’ll get a whole bunch of toll bills, where there’s been a mistake in the system or some screw up from WSDOT, it protects drivers from that situation,” said Harmsworth.

The final toll for Doughterty was 147 trips, but Good To Go will only charge her for the most recent trips, so she’ll only owe $134.

And now Doughterty unhappy feelings about driving over the 520 bridge are gone for good.

“I do not feel guilty, I feel free as a bird,” said Doughterty.




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