Jesse’s Story of the Day

Jesse reunites veteran’s WWII flag with family


Military hero’s are often remembered by a folded American flag encased in a simple wooden box with their name engraved.

So when U-Haul employee Nick Bell found a flag in an abandoned moving trailer, he knew he needed it needed to be reunited with the family.  He and his boss, Michael Smith, also a veteran, called me for help.

“To be able to restore that link to their lineage to their heritage to the people that are important to them and their family that’s good stuff,” said Smith.

The flag belonged to Donald Wilcox, who passed away in 1994.  I located the Wilcox family in Spartanburg, South Carolina and sent them the flag.  The youngest of the Wilcox clan gave it to Donald’s brother, Robert who is a Korean war veteran.

“I appreciate it so much. It had to be a good person,” said Robert.

I don’t know how the flag ended up in an abandoned trailer.  But I do know Donald was a paratrooper in the service and lived in Pierce County after his time in the military.  Now 22 years after his passing, this hero has been reunited with his family.

“I thank you so much for bringing it to me because it’s real nice and it does mean a lot to me,” said Robert.

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