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Jesse Jones: Hamilton Ticket Buyers Beware


The Tony Award winning play Hamilton opens in Seattle in February and the tickets just went on sale Monday.  But they sold out quickly. So, if you are still looking for tickets, watch out for bad guys.

For those who couldn’t get tickets to the hit show Hamilton, the web will become most consumer’s marketplace.

First, be careful with Google results.  A search for ‘Paramount Hamilton Seattle’ comes up with lots of websites that are not the official Paramount website.

“Google itself, you can trust it. But you have to take that next layer of scrutiny over what surfaces,” said Tim Helming.

Internet security expert Tim Helming from the company DomainTools says the fakes should be easy to spot.

“Look carefully at the name of the website, see if you can discern some things. See if you can spot things like intentional typos,” said Helming.

Let’s say you want to enter the third-party marketplace, get ready to pay says Josh LaBelle, Executive Director of the Seattle Theatre Group which includes the Paramount.

“It’s kind of all over the map.  Prices are frequently doubled and often on hot shows they’ll charge ten times that price,” said LaBelle.

We’ve seen tickets on the third-party sites START at well over $500 each for Hamilton shows at the Paramount.

There’s more you have to think about. Some of these third-party re-sellers are speculators, they don’t even have the tickets. They are going to take the money you send them, buy the tickets and try to scrape a little profit off that. That might work well but I’ve seen it fail big time.

Remember that terrible Super Bowl in Phoenix?  Fans there got burned when speculators sold tickets they didn’t have. “There’s no money, there’s no tickets, we’re all screwed,” said one buyer.

Bottom line, when it comes to Hamilton don’t have a tragic ticket story before the show begins.

Here are some tips: Buy your tickets from friends and family.  If that doesn’t work, buy them from a verified source like Ticketmaster’s Verified Tickets, or find a trusted local company that’s reselling tickets.

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