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Jesse Jones tracks down food truck builder accused of not completing projects


Gnosh is Stephanie Brooks dream. It’s would be a food truck to serve the perfect lunch. That dream has cost her $20,000 to be built and is now several months late.

“It’s so disheartening to know that someone like this is operating and taking people’s livelihoods,” said Brooks.

Brooks places the blame on her builder, Erin Alice Haltom of Pacific Mobile Kitchens in Bremerton, for the delay of her truck.

From Seattle to Portland, people across the Northwest claim Haltom has taken their money and either delivered a truck months late or not at all.  Mike Guanlao paid for a truck in 2013 but he all he got was delays.

“I’ve given Pacific Mobile Kitchens $14,000. I have nothing in return,” said Guanlao.

Haltom gave Guanlao a $2,000 refund. Eventually Mike was able to raise enough cash to get his truck.  Well before Haltom started building trucks in Bremerton she was cooking up trouble in Portland.  Erin Callahan said she paid $9,500 for her trailer in 2012. The job was delayed several months.  She eventually took her unfinished cart and received a $7,700 judgment against Haltom.

“She hasn’t contacted us at all,” said Callahan.

What does Haltom think of her customers? A Facebook post by Haltom reads,

“And this is the point in the day when I get as drunk as I f’ing can and tell all our customers they are dirty f’ing savages who need to learn when to shut up and wait for us to do their jobs. You have been told.”

So I went to Ms. Haltom’s shop to ask her about many of these issues.

“We only have about 50 percent of our trucks that are behind, we are actually complete with a lot of them on time,” said Haltom.

When I asked her about the judgments against her, she wouldn’t comment but instead asked me to leave.  Haltom has had a few satisfied customers. Byron Hummel paid $18,000 for his Indian food truck called Naansense.

“I personally believe for what I paid for I got a bargain,” said Hummel.

Hummel said his truck was 3 months late but believes Haltom saved him tens of thousands of dollars.

“I don’t feel like I got ripped off by any means. I feel I got exactly what I paid for,” said Hummel.

And just this afternoon I learned that Stephanie finally got her truck. According to her contract, it’s 153 days late and she won’t see a refund for the $4,000 she paid to have it expedited.

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