Jesse Jones investigates how you could get a judgement against you – without a day in court

February 1, 2019 by KIRO 7

Imagine your bank account wiped out for a debt you do not owe.

It’s exactly what happened to a Pierce County woman who discovered debt collectors used a controversial and confusing tactic to get to her cash.

It’s called pocket service. Debt collectors can send a summons without immediately filing a complaint.
Consumers call the court and since there’s no case filed, some think it’s a scam and throw the summons away. In other cases, the person may owe a debt, but if it’s sold and fees are added, the consumer might not recognize the entity or the amount owed and think it’s a mistake.

The consumer has 20 days to respond to the debt collector, if they don’t, they can get a default judgment against the consumer.

Watch the full video above.

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