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Jesse Jones Helps New Vespa Owner with Licensing Problem


It was the first new vehicle Michael Smith ever bought.

“People stop me at intersections and say, hey nice bike,” said Smith about his new red Vespa scooter.

Smith is a teacher, but his Vespa dealer-Big People Scooters in Georgetown is tardy with his ownership paperwork.

“They told me they were going to file the paperwork and the stuff should arrive in about a month,” said Smith.

Smith paid for the bike in full.  But since the business didn’t provide the paperwork, his registration is branded “ownership in doubt.”

“If you don’t have the ability to provide the title and the paperwork that i’m paying for, you should at least let me know,” said Smith.

Mike called me and I started looking into Big People Scooters, which led me to Christine Anthony from the Department of Licensing.

“They let their license lapse back in 2011.  So they are not currently a licensed vehicle dealer,” said Anthony.

That meant Big People Scooters is missing some of its own paperwork. And it can’t sell a single scooter without it.

“In this case, we found 22 separate sales and we could fine them up to $1000 per each of those 22 cases,” said Anthony.

I sat down with Victor Voris, owner of Big People Scooters, and told him he wasn’t licensed.

“I apparently was not licensed, no, but I didn’t know that, or I would not have sold it to him,” said Voris.

I gave him the DOL email describing the allegations against the business.

Voris said, “we have a Washington State Business License.” I explained that he needs a dealer license. “I thought that was being, I thought we had that,” Voris continued, “no I’m not sure, like I said, this is information I have not seen before.”

The DOL said it is investigating this case for administrative action against Voris and his business.

Smith still needed his ownership paperwork.  I asked Voris if we could stop by and get it. “I would love to have it for you tomorrow,” said Voris.

The very next day, I scooted over to see Smith and give him the paperwork.

“I am so excited, yes big weight off my mind,” said Smith, “it’s been six months of, when can I get this done, now it’s done! So exciting”

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