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Jesse Jones follow-up: Woman receives justice in sewer lawsuit against City of Seattle


After investigating this story for months, the City of Seattle had a change of heart by writing a big check.

Ivy Williams’ home was flooded twice with sewage because a city tree damaged a Seattle Public Utilities pipe.

The city blamed her side sewer for the incidents.

“It was not true at all. It was their pipes. It was their responsibility,” Williams said.

Her attorney, Richard Maloney, believed she was treated poorly in the matter.

“It’s not right to flood someone with sewage. It’s not right not to investigate it. It’s not right to treat an elderly woman the way they treated her,” said Maloney.

The city offered to pay for the cleanup costs only to the insurance company plus $764 to Williams for both floods.

Williams’ attorney, Richard Maloney, filed a lawsuit on her behalf and then called Jesse to take a look at the case.

“They could have gone out of their way to clean her house. They could have helped compensate her. Instead, they tried to cheat her,” said Maloney.

Shortly after we aired Williams’ story, the city admitted negligence on the basis that its tree contributed to the backups.

Last time we spoke with her, she knew things were looking up.

“I definitely have hope,” said Williams.

Williams’ case finally reached a settlement with the City of Seattle.

She will receive $70,000.

She can now use that money to pay off the $6,000 of unnecessary side sewer upgrades she had done after the city blamed her for the flood.

She will also be able to afford to get flooring and other repairs done in the home.

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